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WHY WE ALL LOVE LINEN (especially in Summer)

Posted on 12 November 2016

A garment should not restrict, hold back or change you. It should feel natural and free of tension. It should make you feel relaxed yet powerful, and be effortlessly stylish — forever.

At Kelsey Collective, linen is our fabric of choice, hands down, it more than delivers on the above statement. Not only does linen have a long list of  environmentally  friendly credentials it is beautiful, versatile and  provides a feeling of coolness and comfort that only linen can provide.

The open weave and linen fiber specifics allows air to flow over your body, allowing the skin to breathe. Linen is highly absorbent meaning it removes perspiration from the skin quickly and just as quickly evaporates moisture from the surface of the fabric. These properties combined makes linen an excellent cooling system for your body.

With our summer pretty much already here, linen has once again become an everyday must wear for the team at Kelsey Collective and many of our clients. We truly find ourselves feeling 3 - 4 degrees cooler when dressed in our linen.

Want to feel cooler this summer but not sure where to start, we recommend you try one of our linen tops. Your torso is the first part of your body to start feeling uncomfortable on those hot summer days, let it breathe in gorgeous linen.

kelsey collective summer clothing linen

kelsey collective summer clothing linen

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