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Traveling with linen

Traveling with linen

Flights and accommodation are booked, an exotic trip is on the horizon. Whether traveling to places near or far never be afraid to pack your most comfortable and stylish linen garments.

Yes linen crushes but packed and treated in the right way your linen outfit could be the best thing in your suitcase, especially if you are traveling to the tropics. Outlined below are some hints and tips on the best way to pack those favourite linen items.

1. Travel with the right suitcase

A hard suitcase or one with more structured sides always protects your precious belongings more than the soft option. The hard outer case can also prevent and minimise crushing and pressure from other checked in luggage.

linen packing suitcase

2. Try the rolling method

When packing my linen I prefer to tightly roll as opposed to folding this will reduce hard fold lines. For instance fold our linen Paris pants in half lengthways seam line to seam line, then roll tightly from top to cuff. If you are not a fan of rolling then always fold as little as possible, try and keep to a maximum of two folds only.

linen packing rolling method

3. Placement in your suitcase is important

Where possible pack your linen items towards the top of your hard case or in the middle of a structured case. This will also help minimise and avoid wrinkles. If packing several linen items always place the larger linen pieces to the bottom and smaller items at the top.

4. Don't over pack your suitcase

Pack less in your suitcase reducing the pressure and crushing of the linen items. The more pressure the more likely creases will set. This also means you’ll have a little more room for holiday purchases when it is time to return home.

5. Hang all linen as soon as your arrive

Always unpack and hang your linen garments as soon as you arrive (after the arrival cocktail of course). Don’t leave your clothes packed up tight for longer than necessary.

linen packing

Happy travels!

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