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Emma Kelsey

“The colours and textures of the coast truly inspire my soul. I find myself gravitating to natural colour hues and designs that are influenced by the feeling of living by the sea.” – Emma Kelsey.

A garment should not restrict, hold back or change you. It should feel natural and free of tension. It should make you feel relaxed yet powerful, and be effortlessly stylish — forever. These are the foundations of Kelsey Collective, an idylls-named clothing range taking inspiration from a connection to its origin and its designer – a dweller by the sea.

Influenced and designed on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, Kelsey Collective is sewn with loving hands on the salty shores of Bali. The linen fabric is heavenly on all body shapes, draping into impossible lines like waves on the shore. Durable and long lasting, there is something alluring and effortless about this linen, which has been designed in such a way that it grows softer and falls more naturally as time goes on. However, the true beauty of these nature-inspired pieces is not just in their shape, but their design – giving eternal inspiration for all seasons and adapting to the change of weather without hesitation or intention. Every piece from the Kelsey Collective range will remain true to your soul’s style now, and for many years to come.




Emma Kelsey is the dweller by the sea. Having lived her life along Australia’s coastline, with a past career in the design, branding and architectural industries, she settled on the Sunshine Coast and found herself in front of a sewing machine. An eye for abstracts called her to the fashion industry after falling for the natural ability of linen fabric, and its seemingly impossible ability to form angles around the body. Having opened a store at the famed Eumundi Markets almost 17 years ago a loyal following ensued. The increase in demand globally is the understated reason for the move towards Kelsey Collective becoming a much loved online brand. 

Emma now works with a small creative team to create the range, taking her love of linen fabric to a new audience around the world. 

“Our goal is to create thoughtful, well-designed and long-lasting garments that are tran-seasonal and can be worn in a number of ways.”