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From Bali with Love - Behind the Scenes

From Bali with Love - Behind the Scenes
This month’s blog is something very dear to my heart as without this team of incredible people Kelsey Collective would not exist. Everyone should be asking ‘Who made my clothes?’, in this special behind-the-scenes look we introduce you to the beautiful people of our team.
In recent times the fashion industry has begun catching up to the food industry and individuals are beginning to think more about the behind-the-scenes story of the products they consume. Such a simple action is so important to so many and will help shape the future of fashion. Continuing the conversation is essential, and I hope that more purpose-driven brands will be able to find audiences to sustain their endeavors.
We are so thankful to you, our audience, in sharing this journey with us. We hope that this information and behind-the-scenes look provides a greater understanding of what we are passionate about.

Kelsey Collective sewing in Bali

We only use natural fibers, we produce our garments in an open light filled house in Denpasar (not a factory), we use a very boutique construction model (good things take time, and great things can take a little bit longer) and we have a one-on-one working relationship with our team (who are like family). Forming relationships, with you our supportive clientele and the team we surround ourselves with, is the way I want to do business, the way I want to make things. Doing things the right way and always, striving to be better is integral to our brand.

Emma Kelsey in Bali

A big ‘Thank You’ to Indah, Komang R, Komang Y, Made, Fidaus, Padmawati, Komang A and Ayu. These incredibly talented people make the things you wear possible. Their true craftsmanship, care for detail, and passion for making beautiful garments for women like you is inspiring.

Sewing patterns being created for Kelsey Collective

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